a Multi-Species Clinic




For humans, the process begins with a consultation where diagnoses and health concerns are discussed. This includes the first FSM session.  The cost is $135.  Single FSM sessions run $75 +tax.  Often, clients experience relief after one session.  However, in order to affect longer-term results, several sessions, or a short series of sessions may be necessary. The healing stimulated by FSM is cumulative and each session builds on the previous treatments.     


Smaller animals are welcome in the clinic.  FSM for animals runs $75+tax.  House calls are available for larger animals including horses, cattle, goats, etc.  Please ask about this availability. The house call fee varies upon location.  Animals LOVE FSM and respond very quickly!


The value provided by a short series FSM is significant and much less costly than even a single visit to a Western medicine physician.  




The Bio-Well accurately measures how the human body is managing and adapting to stress. It provides real-time, meaningful data for acute and chronic conditions. Bio-Well scans provide valuable information to direct and influence health and healing goals.  Four separate sessions are required in order to determine a health baseline. The cost is $290 for four scans. Follow up scans are $65 each.  A full report of the findings is provided after each scan, along with individual meditative music to promote energy balance and coherence.